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Jana Hrochová mezzo-soprano

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From the Press (2011 - 2021)




Carmen (Carmen)
Theater Freiburg
,,... Even though Jana Hrochova - Wallingerova transforms her title role sometimes too much into an operetta - like gypsy woman, vocaly this Carmen is excellent. The full and lusty depth of her sonorous mezzosoprano contrasts with her respectable and distinctive high register...."
Badische Zeitung, 20.12.2014, Alexander Dick

Carmen (Carmen)
Moravian Theatre Olomouc
,,... The title character was perfomed by Jana Wallingerová with discretion and emotion. It isn´t a fatal wamp woman but instead a proud woman who lives through her freedom and her volatile, possibly even natural, love. Carmen is on the edge of her vocal discipline which the singer outstandingly masters due to both her voice technique and accurate expression and significance of the singing matter. ..."

Theatre news, 26 June 2010, Josef Herman

,,... During the premiere, the starring duo of Jana Wallingerová and Jakub Rousek was performing. An alluring virago Carmen agains an impulsive Don José. She represents a strong but internally sensitive and somehow fragile devil, he is as a sturdy guy with a look of a corsair. They are both sovereign rulers of their space - the area which they handle with vocal and dramatic expression in the service of the grandiose pathos and pageantry. They dominate their parts during both crowded and solo scenes as well, among which the final skirmish with the bloody finale undoubtedly stands out. ..."
zpravodajství.olomouc.cz, 17 June 2010, Ondřej Čížek

,,... The first-run Carmen belonged to Jana Wallingerová - the soloist of ND Brno who has already been heralded for one year and been a highly expected evening star. Those of you, who know her primarily from Brno, or from giving a quest performance at out first scene, can only envy me that I was lucky enough to see and especially listen to her debut in this role! I very admire this lady and have been following her for a long time during my rides to Brno theatre. It seems that Carmen will be a new milestone in her singing career. A perfect performance from both singing and acting point of views! Those of you, who have read her pre-first-run interview on the Opera Plus website, may know that she eventually managed not only dance, but mastered castanets too. ..."
Opera Plus, 15 June 2010, Zdena Plachá

Cinderella (Tisbe)

National Theatre Brno
,,... Daniela Straková-Šedrlová and brilliantly acting Jana Wallingerová were "roistering" as squabbling sisters,..."
 Lidové noviny, 5th June 2010, Helena Havlíková

,,... It is hard to say which one of the couples of daughters is better. Is it Jana Wallingerová with Daniela Šedrlová-Straková that are more playful and their voices match up perfectly or Václava Housková with Andrea Priechodská that are wilder. ..."
zivotnistyl.cz, Leisure Time, Culture, 14th June 2010, Karla Hofmannová

Ivan Ženatý saved Brno Philharmonic Orchestra
Brno, Besední dům

,,... The second half of the concert covered the Spanish music and mezzosoprano Jana Wallingerová. Two arias from Bizet´s opera Carmen, a selection of Love, the Magician by Manuel de Falla and final Granada she sang with her velvety colored but still shining mezzosoprano with virtuosity and enthusiasm. The concert never to forget..."

zivotnistyl.cz, Leisure Time, Culture, 3rd May 2010, Karla Hofmannová

Dvořák: Stabat Mater
FOK, Prague Easter Festival
,,... Mezzo-soprano of Jana Wallingerová is soft and velvet. Furthemore, in langer area of the ninth (Inflammatus) part she added feelingful expressions...."
Opera PLUS, 1st April 2010, Pavel Šimáček

Dvořák: Stabat Mater
FOK, Easter Festival of Sacred Music in Brno

,,... Jana Wallingerová dominated this time among the soloists. She performed the alto part with her carrying and beautifully colored voice. ..."
Music Review, 6/2010, Alena Borková

Die Fledermaus (Princ Orlofsky)
National Theatre Brno

,,... Jana Wallingerová is tall without saying, however when she takes her super high shues, she reaches two meters high. Therefore anybody who wants to talk to her is forced to look up to her. She sang the role of Orlofsky in both versions very clearly and beautifully. By that she assured me that Orlofsky is better when it is sung by mezzo-soprano than by a male voice. There can always be heard certainty, comfort and internal joy in her singing. ..."
Opera Dream, 17th January 2010, Dana Šimková

Madama Butterfly (Suzuki)
National Theatre Brno

,,... Let´s add that Csilla Boross has found a superb partner in Jana Wallingerová performing Suzuki, ..."
Music Review, 4/2010, Josef Herman

,,... Jana Wallingerová performing in the role of Suzuki and Roman Janál as Sharpless fulfilled their parts with honor. I am not afraid to say that if Jana Wallingerová is reasonable she can expect a very promising career..."
Opera PLUS, 28th April 2010, Jan Leskovský

,,... It is necessary to address words of praise also to Jana Wallingerová in the role of Suzuki. Her mezzosoprano matched color of Csilla Boross´ soprano indeed deliciously ..."
KAM 1/2010, Vladimír Čech

,,... Jana Wallingerova´s Suzuki was a good and faithful soul who protected her lady and loved her with all her heart. Jana mastered her role very well and received a deserved applause. ..."
Opera Dream, 14th November 2009, Dana Šimková

Eugen Onegin (Olga)
National Theatre Brno

,,... Jana Wallingerová sang the rather small role of Olga: yet, her playful approach to the role received deserved attention. ...”
Deník, 16. 3. 2009, Veronika Vejvodová

Beethoven- Mass in C Major
Convent of Merciful Brothers
,,...the whole vocal and instrumental material provided ample opportunity to the vocal soloists - ... to the contralto Jana Wallingerová...
It was the contralto who was the leader of the four soloists in terms of the beauty as well as sound of the voice..."
Hudební rozhledy, 2/2009, Alena Borková

The Diary of One Who Disappeared (Zefka)
Reduta, Brno
,,....But the one beside him who was excelling in every aspect (visually as well) was Jana Wallingerová as Zefka. She was the most shining sparkle of the evening...."
Czech Radio 3 - channel Vltava, Morning Mosaic, Tuesday 11th of November 2008, Vladimir Čech

Jan Novák- Carmina Sulamitis
A chamber concert in Brno marking the birthday of composer Richard Mayer
,,…The highlight of the first half of the show was Carmina Sulamitis by Czech composer Jan Novák who is receiving more and more acclaim all over the world. Sabina Vajdová was a convincingly confident pianist that night, and the soprano Jana Wallingerová sparked up enthusiasm in the audience. Jan Novák's contemporary classical music is first-rate on its own, but the two soloists made it brighten up like a precious stone. All of the eight parts of the composition came and went in one shot without letting the audience take a breath. This was the real peak of the concert…”
Napříč, 10. 11. 2008, Josef Prokeš

Mai 68- Petr Kofroň
National Theatre Brno
,,... An admirably authentic couple of shy lovers was portrayed by Zoltán Korda,..., and the good-looking and natural Jana Wallingerová playing the Czech student Jarmila. ..."
Divadelní noviny 14. 8. 2008, Josef Herman

,,... At least judging from the exquisite performances of the singers: ...and Jana Wallingerová´s - Jarmila! Jarmila! - full voice brimming with feelings that underlines this psychedelic, post-modern melodrama..."
Hospodářské noviny, 23 June 2008, Petr Fischer

,,... The singers put in their best afforts. Of the numerous cast, the following deserve mentioning: the splendid Jana Wallingerová as Jarmila (not long ago, she starred as Philip Glass´Beauty) who masterfully filled the stage with joy, hope, love and sorrow. ..."
Der neue Merker, 20. 6. 2008, Martin Robert BOTZ

Beauty and the Beast (Beauty)
National Theatre Brno
,,... Jana Wallingerová gave a splendid rendition of the eponymous Beauty, with undeniable vocal skills and successful attempt at clear pronunciation. Hers was the most memorable performance of the night, and all the stage partners of this popular mezzo followed with a shorter or longer distance. ..."
KAM 7/2008, Vladimír Čech

,,... In harmony with the stage direction, Jana Wallingerová was a very pragmatic Beauty: she showed a brilliant technique, and so did almost all the performers..."
Divadelní noviny 27. 5. 2008, Josef Herman

,,... The simple, constant stage design,..., makes a sharp contrast to the splendid vocal performance of Jana Wallingerová starring in the title role. ...”
Presscentrum Brno, 14. 5. 2008, Petr Michl

,,... Jana Wallingerová gave a splendid rendition of the Beauty. ..."
Brněnský deník, 10. 5. 2008, Veronika Vejvodová

,,... The performance of the mezzosoprano Jana Wallingerová in the role of the Beauty was the one which drew most attention and received the greatest acclaim at the opening night; besides, the singer has got the right personality for the role. ..."
Hospodářské noviny, 7. 5. 2008, Vladimír Čech

,,... The cast was clearly dominated by the mezzosoprano Jana Wallingerová who was an excquisite singer and actress that night. Her fine, well-balanced voice floated above the orchestra with absolutely no strain. ..."
Der neue Merker, 5. 5. 2008, Martin Robert BOTZ

Martinů: Bouquet of Flowers
Prague Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, The Rudolfinum Concert Hall
Bohuslav Martinů Days
,,... All of the soloists showed fresh voices, too, though not all of them were carefully prepared. Jana Wallingerová gave a very convincing performance..."
Harmonie, 1/2008, Jindřich Bálek

Honegger: King David
Prague Radio Symphonic Orchestra, The Municipal House, Prague
,,... The mezzosoprano voice of Jana Štefáčková and the tenor Philippe Talbot brought some humbleness into the polyphony. The creamy tenderness of their voices expressed the warmth and devotion to God, though perhaps with too much humbleness at times. ..."
Hospodářské noviny, October 5, 2007, Petr Fischer

,,... Of the two ladies, the mezzo Jana Štefáčková made a bigger impact on the audience, although she had less space in the performance; her voice had a more natural sound than that of the French soprano..."
Lidové noviny, October 5, 2007, Dita Kopáčová- Hradecká

Beethoven: Symphony No. 9
Harmonia Moraviae Festival, Zlín
,,... In the final part, Schiller´s Ode to Joy, the conductor Jakub Hrůša could count on a vocal quartet with a rare balance of vocal colours: soprano Tatiana Teslia, mezzosoprano Jana Štefáčková, tenor Tomáš Černý and bass Gustáv Beláček. "
Hospodářské noviny, September 27, 2007, Vladimír Čech

Nabucco (Fenena)
National Theatre Brno
,,... I doubt anyone can ever get more out of Fenena than Jana Štefáčková ..."
KAM, 9/2007, Vladimír Čech

,,... The only acceptable performance at the openinq night was that of Jana Štefáčková who showed a very gentle and warm-hearted rendition of the role of Fenena..."
Hudební rozhledy, 8/2007, Lenka Šaldová

,,...what a pity Fenena is no major role since Jana Štefáčková gave a brilliant singing performance. ..."
Mladá fronta Dnes, June 11, 2007, Boris Klepal

Cosi fan tutte (Dorabella) in concert,
,,... Almost all of the soloists were Czech (apart from the Croatian bass Dali Mor as Don Alfonso), and all went far beyond the expectations you would normally have in Czech opera houses. Roman Janál is a perfect baritone for Guglielmo and Jana Štefáčková was an extremely convincing Dorabella. ..."
Harmonie, 1/2007, Jindřich Bálek

,,...but the choice of the singers played a major role, too. In particular, the four young soloists (Marie Fajtová, Jana Štefáčková, Radka Sehnoutková, Tomáš Kořínek) shoved enormous potential. ...All in all, this performance was a huge success and has been one of the best events to mark Mozart´s 250th anniversary. ..."
Právo, November 29, 2006, VLA 

Rigoletto (Maddalena),
National Theatre Brno

,,... There were two more-than-impressive performances that were the peak of the opening night: those of Jevhen Šokalo as Sparafucile the professional killer, and Jana Štefáčková (Maddalena)..."
KAM, 9/2006

,,... There were two perfect renditions in the evening: the assassin Sparafucile (excellent bass Jevhen Šokalo) and the mezzo Jana Štefáčková who had absolutely no difficulty in playing and singing superb Maddalena. ...”
Harmonie, 7/2006, Olga Janáčková

,,...there were two singers who helped keep up the quality of the performance- Jevhen Šokalo as Sparafucile and aspecially Jana Štefáčková who was attractive and vocally precise Maddalena. ..."
Hudební rozhledy, 7/2006, Josef Herman

Mozart: Rekviem
National Theatre Brno
,,...the solo quartet was finely blended, but personally I liked the full contralto of Jana Štefáčková best of all..."
Czech Radio 3 - Vltava, January 25, 2006 (Vladimír Čech)

War and Peace (Sonya)
National Theatre Brno
,,...there were no truly bad singers that night, and some were even really impressive. To give you some examples, Dmytro Grishyn was a very good Andrej Bolkonskij, and definitely Jana Štefáčková as Sonja..."
Czech Radio 3 - Vltava, November 28, 2005 (Vladimír Čech)

,,... Jana Štefáčková, who sang Sonya, offered more evidence of her potential, and is very skilled at making fine, legato phrases ..."
Mladá fronta Dnes, December 4, 2005, Jan Špaček

,,... With minor exceptions, the soloists were very good. In particular, Dmytro Grishyn as Andrej Bolkonskij, Jana Štefáčková as Sonya, Ivan Choupenitch as Pierre Bezuchov offered excellent renditions, but even a number of singers in the supporting roles lived up to the expectations. ..."
Rovnost, November 29, 2005, Vladimír Čech

,,... Her friend Sonya/ Jana Štefáčková had fine sonorous mezzo depths..."
Der neue Merker, November 28, 2005, Martin Robert BOTZ

Katja Kabanova (Varvara),
National Theatre Brno

,,...also the singers in the supporting roles helped the performance achieve an excellent level: it was especially Jana Štefáčková as Varvara who received enthusiastic acclaim…”
Rovnost, April 29, 2005, Vladimír Čech

Milan Slavický: Requiem
Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
,,...All that the composer asks from the solo voices- to slowly build up the composition, to express anxious meditation, exclamations and pleas- all that was handled by the young mezzo Jana Štefáčková with astonishing intensity and refined rendition; the same was true of Ivan Kusnjer´s baritone, flexible in every tessitura ..."
Harmonie, 3/2005, Petr Veber

,,... Slavický is extremely remarkable for the way he deals with the vocal part of the composition. Fortunately, both the soloists showed an anthusiastic approach (Ivan Kusnjer and Jana Štefáčková), the latter being faced with a more challenging task..."
Hudební rozhledy 3/2005, Julius Hůlek

Scarlatti: Stabat Mater
MHFB, Easter Festival of Sacred Music
,,...  The soloists were the soprano Eva Dřízgová- Jirušová, who has won two Thálie Awards, and Jana Štefáčková with a beautiful mezzosoprano showing huge potential. Both of them adapted their rendition to the compozition style, to the chamber- like sound of the organ and to the beauty  of the children´s and girls´choirs ..."
Rovnost, March 24, 2005, Alena Borková

Marta (Nancy)
National Theatre Brno
,,... Liana Somičová/Harrietta and Jana Štefáčková/Nancy sang in a nice harmony. What´s more, Jana Štefáčková is gifted with natural acting skills. ..."
Opus Musicum, 37/2005, No. 2, Anna Šerých

,,... The mezzo Jana Štefáčková was an enthusiastic and convincing Nancy, or the village maid nicknamed Julie ..."
KAM, 5/2005, Vladimír Čech

,,... Although there is much variation in the soloists´ voice potential, they all sing with precise intonation and seem to know what they sing about. The couple of Jana Štefáčková (Nancy nicknamed Julie) and Michal Mačuha (Plumkett) are especially excellent: both make their tones with playful grace ..."
Hudební rozhledy, 4/2005, Lenka Šaldová

Ruleta (Sharon),
Prague State Opera
,,... Most of the singers gave a very good performance; in particular both ladies - Jana Štefáčková as Sharon and Maria Haan as Sára – went far beyond static vocal renditions. ...”
MF Dnes, March 26, 2005, Josef Vlček

,,... Both female soloists, Jana Štefáčková (Sharon) and Maria Haan (Sára) plunged deeply into their roles, being the stars of the night, especially due to their elegant rendition of the roles ..."
Scena.cz, March 21, 2005, Rudolf Leška

The Brandenburgers in Bohemia (Vlčenka)
National Theatre Brno
,,... Their sister Vlčenka/Jana Štefáčková performed her aria with a fine voice and tackled the difficult interval jumps in an excellent way ..."
Der neue Merker, November 2004, Martin Robert BOTZ

Hänsel und Gretel (Hänsel),
National Theatre Brno
,,... Dana Burešová was a genuinely girlish Gretel, an image supported with a fine, clear soprano. The boyishly restless Hänsel was a great singing opportunity for Jana Štefáčková..."
Právo, June 24, 2004, Radmila Hrdinová

,,... The mezzo Jana Štefáčková of Brno gives an excellent vocal rendition of Hänsel. ...”
Scena.cz, June 1, 2004, Daniel Jäger

Beauty and the Beast (Beauty)
National Theatre Prague
,,... The solo roles were mostly offered to young singers of potential. The cast of September 1, 2003 included a fantastic singing and acting performance of the mezzo Jana Štefáčková playing Beauty..."
Scena.cz, September 5, 2003, JoMe


Translated by David Mraček and Sabina Vajdová